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moBack is a mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS) platform that helps developers create better apps, engage users and monetize mobile applications.
Why Use moBack?
With moBack, you have the advantage of a full-stack enterprise grade MBaaS platform to develop and launch your mobile apps, without having to start up a single server.
It is the only MbaaS service that minimizes development time and costs by offering an integrated API marketplace, mobile marketing automation, and advanced app analytics on a single platform.
Leverage the platform’s seamless app lifecycle management to easily transition apps between development and production environments, with support for a dual deployment model for independent instances.

Core Features
With moBack, developers have the freedom to focus on creating great apps and user experience, while leveraging a plethora of APIs for every industry segment.

Data - Use moBack’s powerful REST APIs and native iOS and Android SDKs to create, modify and store tables and data with minimal coding.

Users/Groups - Create and manage user logins, passwords and app user groups easily with multi-device access. Includes ‘Send Invite’ feature for users to share your app.

Access Control - Seamless data integrity is the hallmark of this service; create roles, manage permissions and user access.

Files - A simple file manager allows you to manage all types of data without having to worry about servers and storage limits. Supports file storage in S3 and Dropbox.

Analyze – The analytics dashboard provides an overview of account and app activity including stats related to downloads, usage patterns, APIs and data storage.

Interact - moBack’s push notification API enables you interact with your app users via push messages or email notifications to various groups of users.

Increase retention rates with targeted push messages
A cool feature built into moBack’s push notification API allows app users to deliver push notifications to all internet connected mobile devices on iOS and Android via SMS, text or email. Add rich analytics and it takes engagement to a whole new level.
App Lifecycle Management
moBack’s app life cycle management feature provides a hassle-free environment for developers to seamlessly transition between development and production.
Unlimited Apps
3 Users
File Storage*
Data Storage*
Push Notifications*

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* Within reasonable use (Refer FAQ)




  • Barcode scanning
  • Card reader
  • XML Parser
  • NSJSON Serialization

Social Media

  • CI Detector (face detection)
  • UI Activity View Controller
  • Photo-sharing

Connected Devices

  • Bluetooth API
  • AV Player
  • Proximity Sensor


  • High Score Tracking API
  • Cross-platform Gaming UI API
  • Multiplayer Game Server Communication

Productivity Apps

  • In-app Purchase
  • Calendar
  • Pdf Reader


The dynamic dashboard provides detailed engagement reports, and audience trends help evaluate the performance of each mobile messaging campaign. Easily customizable with drag and drop graphs and charts, the data can be exported for management reporting and to be used in other marketing and analytics systems.


Leverage moBack's analytics to create subsets of users based on app activity and behaviour. The reports drill deep into the analytics data to enable you to create rules and classify users, and customize messages based on a user's acitvity and location.


Access to business intelligence reports and data in easily digestible formats allow you be on top of rapidly changing customer behaviors. It goes far beyond data collection to provide deep insights into customer needs and behaviour providing predictable patterns of activity. This allows you to run campaigns based on demographics, set up triggers, and behavior-based campaigns to key users groups. Leverage these insights to optimize your engagement efforts across platforms to effectivly improve productivity and profitability.


moBack's push notification feature allows you to send push messages as well as email notifications. Automate welcome messages to help onboard new app users, or setup re-engagement programs for customers who have not opened your app lately. Counting downloads is passe. If you don't keep your user engaged with meaningful, personalized messages and offers, your app is bound to be forgotten and eventually deleted to make room for newer ones. When a customer has expressed interest in your product or app by authorizing push services, make the best of it with meaningful conversations.


At the core of every successful marketing campaign is a well-defined target audience. Mobile user profiles need to be updated constantly owing to changing preferences and lifestyle behaviors. The segmentation feature allows you to create a range of user profiles based on customer location data, and tie them to in-app behaviors and user preferences. Create hyper-local audiences with relevant messaging based on what they buy, and where they travel.


moBack's push messaging API can be easily customized to deliver push messages onto the user's home screens. The push messaging features can be configured to target hyper-local audiences with beacon (ibeacons) integration for proximity and location based engagement. Push Messaging includes audio, SMS messages, e-mail, multimedia messaging, picture messages, or any other pushed advertising or content. Open and click thorugh rates from push messages are nearly twice as high compared to emails and is a proactive way to drive engagement with your app and your brand.